WorldFood Poland

Date: 05-07.04.2022

Location: EXPO XXI, Warsaw Poland

Official website:

🍀   5 – 7 April 2022 live in-person EDITION

EXPO XXI address: Prądzyńskiego Street No. 12/14
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WorldFood Warsaw – a Business to Business initiative designed for the Food Industry

Because we are the official representative of WorldFOOD show in Romania, we offer the following benefits to Romanian companies participating in WorldFOOD Poland:

  • participation cost offers
  • the booking of the spaces and stands
  • free assistance in Romanian for the organizing participation in the WorldFood fair
  • free matchmaking services

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MAKE WorldFood show

We invite you to participate in the WorldFood Warsaw 2019 exhibition. It is an opportunity to meet your new customers and partners. If you are food and beverages producer or distributor seeking to grow and expand in Poland and it’s neighboring countries, the WorldFood Warsaw 2019 is the place to be!

Imports of key food and beverage products on the rise in Poland:

  • Poultry meat – 21% increase
  • Milk, cream and ice cream –14% increase
  • Cheese and curd – 12% increase
  • Sheep meat – 40% increase
  • Beef – 9% increase
  • Fish and crustaceans –6% increase

Reasons to make Poland your next new Food & Drink market:

Polish spending on food and drink is set to rise – Food retail is already a $52 billion market in Poland. Now, spending on food is expected to hit $62 billion by 2020, thanks to rising income levels, diversifying tastes and rising import levels.
Poland’s food imports total in the billions – Polish imports of food and drink products float between $20-24 billion annually. They are expected to exceed $25 billion by the end of 2017.

Product Sectors
The WorldFood Warsaw exhibition incorporates four specialised sectors:

  • Wine & Spirits  – this sector is designed to target the country’s beverage traders, sommeliers and distributors
  • NutraFood – dietary supplements, functional food and beverages, pharmaceuticals, products used in natural medicine, nutricosmetics, functional food additives
  • ECOFood – this sector feature organic and healthy food and drink products
  • Ingredients – you will be able to exhibit a range of ingredients for the production of food and drink
  • ColdChain – dedicated to professionals who own, lease or manage temperature controlled transport and logistics
  • FoodTech – dedicated to food processing equipment and machinery

Benefits of exhibiting:

worldfood matchmaking business meetings

1. Business Programme …read more
2. Retail & HoReCa Centre
With the Retail & HoReCa Centre, WorldFood exhibitors get a direct link to key decision makers, cutting out the middle man. A dedicated area where exhibitors can hold direct meetings with representatives from Poland’s retail and distribution
chains as well as restaurateurs. …read more
3. Conference Programme
Get answers to your questions about the opportunities and challenges in the domestic food and drink market.
4. Culinary show & Wine testing. Goldan Medal Award
Watch live cooking shows hosted by local and international chefs and enjoy wine tasting.

WorldFOOD Warsaw 2018 
302 exhibitors from 24 countries: Bangladesh, Belarus, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, France, Hong Kong, India, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Malaysia, UK, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, South Korea, Spain, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, Ukraine,
5 National Groups from Ukraine, Latvia, Spain, Italy, Sri Lanka, Thailand

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worldfood poland

Grocery products
• Cereals
• Flour
• Pasta
• Sugar and starch
• Spices, seasonings and salt
• Snacks, potato chips and crackers
• Dried seafood
• Nuts and dried fruits
• Cereals (porridge, muesli, corn flakes)
• Instant foods (soups, mashed potatoes)
• Food concentrates and additives
• Packaging equipment and materials
• Industrial and commercial equipment

Frozen foods
• Meat and fish cook-chill foods
• Frozen pastry products
• Frozen prepared foods
• Frozen fruit and vegetables
• Packaging equipment and materials
• Industrial and commercial equipment

• Sweets
• Chocolate and cocoa products
• Eastern sweets and halva
• Fruit products (jellies, pastilles)
• Pastry products
• Bakery products
• Pretzel products
• Frozen and semi-finished products
• Chewing gum
• Honey and jams
• Ingredients and food additives
• Low-fat confectionery products
• Christmas gifts
• Snacks
• Packaging equipment and materials
• Industrial and commercial equipment

Canned food
• Canned meat
• Canned fish
• Canned milk
• Canned fruit and vegetables
• Packaging equipment and materials
• Industrial and commercial equipment

Oils, Fats & Sauces
• Vegetable oils
• Ketchup and sauces
• Mayonnaise
• Margarine
• Cooking fats
• Rendered animal fats
• Packaging equipment and materials
• Industrial and commercial equipment

Dairy products
• Milk and cream
• Canned milk
• Fermented milk products
• Butter
• Cheese
• Ice cream
• Packaging equipment and materials
• Industrial and commercial equipment

Meat & Poultry
• Fresh meat
• Poultry and game
• Meat by-products
• Packaged meat
• Sausage products
• Smoked meat and delicacies
• Semi-finished meat products
• Eggs and products of egg processing
• Packaging equipment and materials
• Industrial and commercial equipment

• Water
• Fruit juices and concentrates
• Soft drinks and non-alcoholic juices
• Wine and champagne
• Beer and cider
• Spirits

Fish & Seafood
• Live and chilled fish
• Frozen fish
• Salted fish
• Cured and dried fish
• Smoked fish products
• Balyk products
• Caviar
• Fish preserves
• Semi-finished fish products
• Seafood
• Packaging equipment and materials
• Industrial and commercial equipment

Fruits & Vegetables
• Fresh vegetables
• Fresh fruit and berries
• Fresh and processed mushrooms
• Packaging equipment and materials
• Industrial and commercial equipment

Tea & Coffee
• Loose leaf tea
• Pressed (leaves with stems) tea
• Extracted (aqueous or dried extracts) tea
• Granulated tea
• Flavored tea
• Tea drinks
• Coffee beans
• Ground coffee
• Freeze dried coffee
• Instant coffee
• Coffee substitutes
• Coffee drinks
• Commercial equipment
• Coffee machines

Organic & Health Foods
• Food ingredients
• Bakery
• Confectionery
• Dairy
• Soft drinks
• Sauces, dressings and condiments
• Grocery
• and many more
Visitors Profile
• Retail professionals
• Buyers for national and international large-scale retail
• Buyers for national and international small and medium retail chains
• Ho.Re.Ca representatives, buyers for catering chains, restaurant, hotel, bar, canteen and wine shop managers
• Food manufacturing professionals
• Foodservice professionals
• Wine professionals
• Bakers, confectioners
• Nutritionists, dieticians
• Designers, engineers, food technologists architects

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