About us

Activ Promo is a Trade Shows Agency who offers expertize

in organizing the participation of the Romanian companies  to the international fairs and exhibitions

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Do you want to exhibit your products or services in fairs and exhibitions around the world?

Do you want to meet the best business partners?

Do you want to reduce costs and save time with organizing your participation to international events?


Activ Promo is a reliable business partner who can help you to achieve all this objectives.

Reasons for which you should call on our services:

  • Fast access to information about the events in your sphere of activity around the world;
  • With the Activ Promo consultants close to you, you will know in real time exactly what steps you need to take for an efficient participation as an exhibitor to the international Fairs and Exhibitions;
  • Our activity is transparent as we offer you access to all the resources, so you can check the quality of the work we are providing;
  • You can avoid additional costs and other additional efforts from your employees

Our mission is your success!

  • We can help you to reach the Fair where you can meet the best business partners.
  • We can help you to find the best market for your business.
  • We can help you become known in international markets.