For ARCH Czech Republic

Date: 20-24.09.2022 ***

Location: PVA EXPO PRAHA, Prague, Czech Republic

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32nd International Building Trade Fair 

⇒PVA EXPO PRAHA address: Beranových 667, 199 00, Prague, Czech Republic
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For ARCH Thematic Sectors with full List of Products 

🔥 Romanian exhibitors’ photos at FOR ARCH 2019 PRAGUE

🔥 Romanian exhibitors’ photos at FOR ARCH 2020 PRAGUE

The official representative in Romania of For ARCH exhibition, provides support free of charge to the Romanian companies for organizing the participation as exhibitors at fair:
► customized cost offer
► booking the stand location with good visibility within the fair
► registration of the participation documents at the exhibition centre
► assistance for the stand design and construction
► entry in the Exhibition Catalogue
► badges for the exhibiting companies’ members
► providing information regarding the participation rules at the fair
 5 Highly emphasized sectors of the For ARCH exhibition:
International Building trade fair Czech Republic  International Building trade fair prague  hvac sector exhibition prague  Wooden Construction exhibition czech republic  Swimming pools, Saunas, SPA exhibition prague
► Building components and materials… details
► Electrical engineering and security… details
► HVAC  … details
► Wooden Buildings … details
► Swimming pools, Saunas & SPA … details
For ARCH 2019:
  • Number of exhibitors: 791
  • Number of foreign exhibitors: 85
  • Number of countries represented: 18 (Czech Republic, Belgium, Belarus, China, India, Ireland, Italy, The Korean Republic, Germany, Poland, Austria, ROMANIA, The Russian Federation, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland, The Great Britain)
  • Net exhibition area (m2): 20,940
  • Gross exhibition area (m2): 39,402
  • Number of visitors: 72,656
  • Number of registered journalists: 159
FOR ARCH 2021 ❗❗❗
👉 FOR CITY as a trade fair for support of the smart city concepts
For City exhibitors: suppliers of technologies and services for smart cities, towns, communities and regions, where the smart city concepts are already running and who want to present their services.
For City target group: Visitors from among representatives of communities, towns, cities and regions, state administration employees, architects, designers, businesspersons, technicians, specialists, active inhabitants, students.
👉FREE B2B meetings: MATCHMAKING BUSINESS MEETINGS at PVA EXPO PRAGUE are prearranged business meetings for which the company representatives select partners on the basis of cooperation profiles in the catalogue of participants.
Opening hours for Visitors:
21 Sept 2021 10:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.
22 Sept 2021 10:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.
23 Sept 2021 10:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.
24 Sept 2021 10:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.
25 Sept 2021 10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Land-use planning and zoning process, architectonic, design and engineering services
• Land-use planning and zoning process
• Designing
• Architectonic activities, design
• Computer technologies: Software, Database and information systems, Internet
• Cartography, mapping
• Geodetic activities
• Engineering constructions
• Technologies of constructions and building work
• Economy: Building law, Building construction

• Area equipment
• Water management facility constructions
• Collectors
• Buildings for living and accommodation
• Amenities
• Sports constructions
• Health sector facilities
• Buildings for industrial production
• Storage facilities
• Small constructions
• Environment-friendly and energy saving construction systems

Construction implementation
• Foundations and substructures
• Structures
• Staircases and permanent ramps
• Chimneys, funnel shafts and uptakes
• Building materials
• Inorganic materials
• Stone and stone products
• Burnt building products
• Metals and metallic products
• Glass, glass fibres and products of these materials
• Mineral liquid alloys and fibrous materials
• Non-burnt walling materials
• Organic materials
• Shapeless products
• Coating materials, adhesives, glues
• Additives and admixtures
• Other shaped products
• Concrete and mortar products
• Technical equipment of buildings
• Insulation materials and products
• Thermal insulation systems
• Insulation from water and humidity
• Acoustic insulation systems
• Insulation from shocks and vibrations

Final completion
• Windows
• Windows and gate doors
• Window and door equipment
• Floors
• Final completion of roofs
• Operation blocking systems
• Railing system and handrails
• Fittings for building applications
• Large-area glazing

Equipment of premises
• Outdoor equipment
• Entrance area equipment
• Purpose area equipment
• Equipment of kitchens, including furniture
• Equipment of bathrooms and WC
• Equipment of washrooms and laundries
• Furniture
• Indoor accessory articles

• Outdoor areas
• Surfaces of outdoor walls
• Surfaces of indoor walls
• Soffits and lower ceilings
• Step-on floor layers
• Roof covering systems
• Technological equipment of constructions
• Technologies for amenity constructions
• Technologies for industrial constructions
• Measurement, control and regulation systems

Building activities
• Main building production: Iron fitting work, Stone-cutting work, Bricklayer’s work, Insulation work, Structural safety, Humid masonry maintenance, Earthwork, Pipeline laying,
Concrete work
• Secondary building production: Roofer’s work, Glazing work, Plumbing work, Welding work, Electrical installation work
• Lagging, formwork and scaffolding
• Maintenance, renovation and modernisation of buildings
• Underground constructions

Protection of constructions and requirements on constructions
• Protection of constructions
• Requirements on constructions

Waste disposal and recycling
Technical branches
Building physics

• Research and development
• Expert activities
• Valuation
• Diagnostic activities

Special services
• Work at heights
• Cleaning companies

Machinery, equipment, aids and instruments
Building machinery, equipment and aids

• Electrical installation equipment
• Lighting equipment and systems
• Electronic components and systems
• Telecommunication and radio communication technology
• Signalling, security and information systems in buildings
• Machines, equipment and instruments for electrical installation and maintenance
• Services, professional organisation, training
• Electricity generation
• Electricity distribution
• Wires and cables

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